Getting To Know The Causes Of Mesothelioma

Gone were the days when Methuselah enjoyed life for 969 years without even being stricken by a disease, that is so life-threatening. The big C, as we often call cancer, was never heard then. At this day and age, the ill-effects of our own unhealthy lifestyle plague us; of the environment, we thrive and varied toxic substances that we, knowingly or unknowingly take-in everyday. It becomes a bonus when we reach the age of 69, that is, by the way, 900 years behind Methuselah’s long life. Despite the age of scientific finds and technological advancement, it is an irony that life span is cut short by a staggering 93%.

One of the primary causes of death in the 21st century is Cancer. The most- dreaded disease has overwhelmed the world with a record high of 33,900 deaths each year in the United States alone. Cancer is always believed to carry the “death sentence” most of which, we all know causes prolonged pain, agonizing effects on family members and results to untimely and painful passing away.

Although the number of deaths caused by cancer in the United States has actually decreased for the very first time in a period of 70 years, (the early cancer records began in the 1930’s), the fact still prevails, Cancer is a dreadful disease, deadly and shattering. One of the rarest forms of cancer is Mesothelioma. As uncommon as its name suggests, this cancer starts its development from the methoselium, the protective lining of the body’s internal organs. The most common cause of Mesothelioma is the overexposure to asbestos. This just reinforces the fact that environmental factors are likely the distinguishing causes of cancer, basically from poor nutrition, too much sunlight, smoking, obesity, free radicals and air pollutants in the environment.

Four parts of the body to which Mesothelioma take place are the following: pleura, the lungs’ outer lining and internal chest wall; peritoneum, the abdominal cavity lining; pericardium, a sac that surrounds the heart and the tunica vaginalis, a sac that covers the testis.

People who suffer from Mesothelioma can trace back their life and exposure to asbestos and glass particles. Most often than not, these people are directly exposed with jobs using either asbestos or indirectly involved with them like washing clothes with a loved one exposed to asbestos or inhaling residue from a nearby asbestos company. Although Lung Cancer is largely related to Mesothelioma, smoking is not the main cause of this dismaying disease, but it still intensifies the plausible risk of it.

The main causes of Mesothelioma would greatly comprise weight loss, loss of appetite, chest pains and shortness of breath. Although rare, Mesothelioma, when detected early can be countered with chemotherapy, radiation therapy and sometimes, surgery.